System Maintenance

System maintenance is very simple and basic.  It basically involves only three key components:

  1. Filtration
  2. Nozzle Cleaning
  3. Winterizing

Our systems have a metal mesh filter on the suction line, inside the reservoir tank.  We recommend replacing this filter once a year to keep proper flow without restrictions to the pump.

Nozzle tips may need cleaning from time to time, or worse case scenario, replaced.  Depending on your water source, clogging can happen from time to time.

Winterizing in cold climates is also necessary and very simple to do.  The easiest way is to blow out all insecticide from your tubing lines and spray nozzles with an air compressor.  If you do not own an air compressor, you will need to run the system until all insecticide is out of the tubing and nozzles and then pump a winterizing solution in its place.  We have instructions on how to winterize your system available on our website.