We offer the three systems seen below.  The first is a basic analog system without a remote control.  This system has a manual "mist now" button on the timer box that is used to manually mist between programmed misting times or to test nozzles and coverage when setting up your system. Our other analog system does come with a remote control that can be used for manual misting between programmed misting times.  The remote is also handy to manually mist when the reservoir is placed in an area that may not be easily accessible.  Our 3rd system is a digital system, also with a remote control.  All of our systems are programmed not only for the time you want your misting system to activate but also for how long it should mist each time.  They are all literally "set it and forget it" systems.  For more information on each system, click the system below.

For ZERO cost and absolutely ZERO obligation, we will design a system for your barn, patio, deck, or pool area.  Simply send us a rough sketch of the area(s) you want covered to sales@deadflyzone.com and we will return a detailed design and exact price to you.  The design will show you exactly where every component of your system is installed and connected.

If you would like to see some of the designs we have done for our customers, click this link:   Customer Designs