System Questions

What are the best applications for the Dead Fly Zone Systems?

What are the best locations for the Dead Fly Zone system?

What size system will I need for my property?

What insects are typically affected with these systems?

How often should I spray my system during the day and for how long?

How fast can I expect the Dead Fly Zone system to work?

What frequency will I be refilling my system?

What kind of routine maintenance is required on your systems?

Insecticide Questions

Are your insecticides safe?

How much of the insecticide I bought do I put in my reservoir?

What insects are typically affected with your insecticide?

Website Security Questions

Just how safe is shopping on your website?

What information do you collect?

How do you use my information?

How do you protect customer information such as credit cards?

Do you disclose the information you collect to outside parties?

Do you use "cookies"?

Ordering and Shipping Questions

How long does it take to receive my order, who do you use for shipping, and how will I be notified?

Refund Policy Questions

What is your refund policy?